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It’s difficult to limit to just our top benefits of the products All Precision Sheet Metal Works, Inc. can provide for its customers’’ projects, but certainly first is the huge inventory we maintain.


Following that is the fact that we can customize any of our products to fit the specifications of our customers’ projects. So, between carrying a huge inventory and being able to customize almost anything in that inventory that needs to be specially formulated, we can easily meet virtually any customer's need for any project.


Our inventory includes a wide variety of different kinds of materials, including copper, stainless steel, both cold and hot rolled steel, aluminum, and TPO. Our design experts are able to choose from eleven popular and common colors of inventory items that we always keep in stock, and can offer products in the widest variety of gauges/thickness.


Finally, All Precision Sheet Metal is known and respected for its fast and reliable service, meaning quick turnaround times for estimates and bids, same-day delivery of product inventory, reliability of any necessary customization on the job site, an uncanny ability to solve even the most difficult customer needs, and attention to the smallest detail for every job, large or small.

Colors Available for Special Order

Colors In Stock 


At All Precision, we carry all of the standard colors in a Spray Paint Can perfect for any touch-ups that may be needed without having to worry about color matching.

thumbnail_z metal 5.jpg

Drip Edge

Sizes in stock

  • 4" Standard     (2.5" on face 1.5" on back

  • 6" Big Face       (3.5" on face 2.5" on back)

  • 6" Torch           (2.5" on face 3.5" on back)

  • 6" 3x3               (3" on face 3" on back)

  • 6" Gravel Stop 

Flashings In Stock

  • 4" Counter Flashing

  • 6" Counter Flashing 

  • 5" Z Flashing 

  • 8" Wall Flashing 

  • 24" W/Valley Flashing 

  • Flat Counter Flashing

  • Angle Iron


Vent Caps In Stock

  • 6x6

  • 8x8

  • 10x10

  • 8x8 Tile High

  • Dryer Vent 

  • 4" JV Cap

  • 6" JV Cap 

  • 8" JV Cap

  • 550 Vent 

  • 750 Vent

  • TPO Square Vent 

  • TPO T Vent

tpo vents both.jpg
thumbnail_IMG_0385001 (1).jpg


  • 5.5" x 5.5" Scupper

  • 4.5" x 4.5" Open Top Scupper


Type B Gas Vent Kit

Flashing, Cap, Collar

  • 1" Flashing

  • 2" Flashing

  • 3" Cap, Collar, Flashing

  • 4" Cap, Collar, Flashing

  • 4" Oval Cap, Collar, Flashing

  • 5" Cap, Collar, Flashing

  • 6"Cap, Collar, Flashing

thumbnail_kwik dry 1.jpg
Masterseal NP1 high performance sealant stone   color 1.jpg

Roofing Accessories

  • Turbine Galv/Brown

  • Step Flashing

  • Rubber Boot (1"-3")  (3"-4")

  • Pitch Pans 4"x4"x4"

  • Skylights

  • Valley Rolls 

  • Metal Roof Sealant 

  • Collated Roofing Nails 

  • Roofing Plastic Cap Nails 

  • Spraypaint 

  • Quickdry Asphalt Primer 

  • Screws


Roof Jack and Frames Custom Made Same Day

thumbnail_mastercool 2.jpg
Champion Cooler 1.jpeg
AC Float.webp

Evaporative Air Conditioners and Accessories 

  • Master Cool

  • Champion Cooler

  • Motors

  • Copper Tubing

  • Iron Pully Kits

  • Overflow Drain

  • Electrical Pigtails

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