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Metal Forming: Types and Applications

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

A skinny, long piece of metal is formed on a machine in El Paso.

Metal forming in El Paso is a vital part of the construction industry, with many different types and applications. Are you a roofing or construction company needing quality metal services for your project? All Precision Sheet Metal Works in El Paso takes great pride in our metal forming. We can customize any piece you need and deliver it to you promptly!

Interested in a free quote? Call us at (915)-781-7074 or contact us online today.

Types of Metal Forming

There are many different ways metal forming can be processed. However, the most common metal forming processes are:

  • Hot, Warm, and Cold Forming

  • Powder Injection Molding

  • Power Metal Forming

  • Deep Drawing

  • Bending Squeezing

  • Sheet Metal Forming

  • Wire Drawing and Standard Drawing

  • Extrusion

  • Bulk-Forming

  • Rolling

  • Forging

In all of these metal forming procedures, the metal is heated to soften the material so it can be customized for the needed shape. Through our custom metal fabrications, All Precision can mold, cut, and shape the design into the specific product you need for your project. At our El Paso facility, we offer design, fabrication, and quality control services to ensure the product you envisioned is the product you receive.

Applications of Metal Forming

Even though there are a variety of different applications that can be utilized through metal forming in El Paso, the most common applications are:

  • Press Working- This process fabricates or assembles products and parts using either hot forming or cold forming. Hot forming is good for parts that are larger in size and more complex. Cold forming can be used when the parts are small and simple to construct. Warm forming should be used if a product falls in between these two components.

  • Construction- Metal forming for construction purposes is used to fabricate pipelines. Depending on the shape that is needed, metal pipelines are created using either hydraulic or electric resistance processes.

  • Aerospace Engineering- In this type of application, metal forming is used to create parts for airplanes, such as wings, fuselages, and engine components.

  • Automotive Manufacturing- Metal forming is extensively used when manufacturing automobiles. Most automobiles use sheet metal which can only be fabricated using a metal forming process because of how intricate the pieces are.

We understand that convenience is a huge factor in product design. When you choose All Precision for your metal forming needs, we can bring the work to your El Paso job site! Our on-site metal forming services are great for projects that require long or continuous metal sheets. With this service, you won’t have to wait for parts to be shipped to you.

Trust the Process

Metal forming is a top-notch fabrication process that can accommodate almost every part or piece. Not only is it accommodating, but it's also cost-efficient, economical, produces less scrap, and most importantly… It's fast.

If you’re interested in our on-site metal forming in El Paso, Give us a call at (915)-781-7074 or contact us online today.



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