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Roll-Off Disposal Bins in El Paso

We Drop Off and Pick Up The Bins!

In addition to providing the best metal fabrication services in the Southwest, All Precision Sheet Metal Works, Inc., also offers roll-off disposal bins to roofers, contractors, and DIYers in El Paso!


While construction sites produce tons of waste, getting rid of that waste shouldn’t be a hassle. When you choose our roll-off dumpster services, you won’t have to worry about picking up or dropping off the bins. Simply fill up the disposal bins with your construction waste. Once full, we’ll pick up the bin and dispose of the waste! It’s really as easy as that. 


Call 915.781.7074 today to get a FREE quote for our El Paso roll-off disposal bin services!

Roll-Off Disposal Bin Specifications

  • Can hold up to three tons (6,000 pounds)

  • Feature a capacity of 13.8 cubic yards

  • Disposal bins are 14 feet long and 4.5 feet tall

  • All bins have rear doors, are easy to access, and allow walk-in to dispose of trash

What to Expect from Our Roll-Off Dumpsters

  • We will drop off and pick up the dumpsters once they’re full

  • We are cautious and careful when delivering and dropping off our bins at any location so as to not cause any property damage

Projects That Benefit from Our Roll-Off Disposal Bins

  • Roof replacement projects

  • Construction projects

  • Demolition

  • Interior remodeling 

  • Business waste

  • Yard waste

  • Garage clean-outs

Contact Us Today!

Before you begin your project, give us a call to rent out our roll-off disposal bins! We offer free quotes and can drop off our bins anywhere in El Paso. Contact All Precision Sheet Metal Works, Inc. today and never worry about properly disposing of construction waste ever again!


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