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Exposed Fastener Panels

Picture of PBR Panel

PBR Panel

Exposed Fastener System

A purlin bearing R panel is a strong roofing panel that has a larger overlap section that completely overlaps the next panel. This means more metal to metal contact which yields a stronger connection and more weather-tight metal roof panels.

Picture of AG Panel

AG Panel

Exposed Fastener System

The AG Panel is a light gauge exposed fastener roof system ideal for agricultural uses, storage buildings, and canopies. Designed with simplicity in mind, the AG Panel system provides a quick installation while allowing for square ends and simple details. With a variety of aesthetic options, including multiple colors and finishes, you can customize your project so every one is unique.

Picture of U Panel

U Panel

Exposed Fastener System

The U panel can be installed horizontally or vertically, making it a versatile option for your customers’ roof & wall panel applications. This cost-efficient, high-quality metal panel provides your customers with durability they can trust to get the job done.

Picture of 7.2 Panel

7.2 Panel

Exposed Fastener System

Because of the depth and number of ribs, the 7.2 Panel is one of the strongest corrugated metal panels in the industry. The 7.2 Panel has tremendous spanning and load properties which translates into significant material savings

Picture of 5V Crimp

5V Crimp

Exposed Fastener System

5V Crimp offers your customers durability they can depend on in any environment. These high-quality, low maintenance metal panels are the favored choice for cost-conscious customers across a variety of industries. These panels are often used in residential buildings due to their aesthetic appeal and high performance. The 5V Crimp panels are also a popular solution in the agricultural industry due to their strength and ability to withstand the day-to-day weather conditions of many different climates. Recognized as a trusted metal panel across multiple industries, 5V Crimp holds strong and provides a profitable outcome with a low margin. These panels stand as one of the favored options with high quality and low maintainability.

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