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6 Uses of Metal Fabrication in the El Paso Construction Industry

Sparks flying off a piece of metal as a man performs custom metal fabrication in El Paso.

Sheet metal fabrication is one of the construction industry's most versatile and utilized tools. Most people associate sheet metal with the ducts used in heating and cooling systems and mistakenly think that it is all it is really used for. However, when you really think about it, many components in the houses and buildings in El Paso require quality custom metal fabrication.

You can use metal fabrication for almost anything with enough welding, casting, machining, bending, and folding. Contact All Precision or call (915) 781-7074 for all your El Paso metal fabrication needs and to learn more about the process.

HVAC Systems

As we said before, sheet metal is often used in the construction of HVAC systems and serves as the main component of ductwork.

Steel and Metal Framing Panels

Anytime you need a steel panel or structure, you’ll need the services of an El Paso custom metal fabricating company. Custom metal fabricating panels get used for various applications, including fire escapes, catwalks, metal ramps, decking, tables, and much more.

By hiring a metal fabrication company, you can get steel panels that are the perfect size and strength for your needs. Steel fabrication reduces the chances of having panels that are too big, small, weak, or the wrong type of steel.

Structural Steel Beams

If you deal with largescale commercial buildings, you likely work almost exclusively with steel beams. Steel beams are stronger and more durable than other types of beams, and they are created through custom metal fabrication. This includes all the usual types, including I-Beams, T-Beams, and H-Beams.

Because steel beams are integral to the support and well-being of your structure, the last thing you want is to use beams that haven’t been fabricated properly. While they might look sound on the outside, using the proper methods when fabricating steel beams is essential.

Steel Ladders

Custom metal fabrication is also necessary for the metal and aluminum ladders you use on the job site. Ladders are essential when it comes to construction, and it’s important to have ones that are strong, durable, and won’t buckle under pressure.

Steel Trusses

Along with panels and beams, it’s quite common to see steel trusses in the El Paso construction industry. They’re simply stronger and more durable than wood, leading to increases in steel truss popularity. Steel trusses are relatively complicated to make, and they typically undergo two or three different forms of metal fabrication, but their strength and integrity are worth the added work.


Custom metal fabrication is a crucial component when designing the bars and cages used for reinforcement bars, mats, and cages on construction sites.

Roofing and Siding

The beautiful and strong steel panels used for roofs and siding don’t just happen by accident. They’re created through custom metal fabrication, often to specific sizes and specifications of different vendors and companies.

Aesthetic Purposes

In addition to the many structural and reinforcement purposes that custom metal fabrication serves, it also provides aesthetic appeal to different aspects of the construction industry. It’s becoming increasingly common to feature an industrial theme in restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and other venues. A big part of the industrial theme is having different forms of metal formed through metal fabrication.

This includes metal backsplashes to siding, roofing, exposed ductwork, and more.

Turn to All Precision for All Your Sheet Metal Needs

If you are in the construction industry and need premier metal fabrication, look no further than All Precision. We provide a wide range of metal fabrication services in El Paso, including panels for roofing, siding, CNC, trim work, and more.

We also perform custom metal fabrication for aesthetic purposes, steel reinforcement, or any beams or trusses that you need. Contact us or call (915) 781-7074 for a quote and to learn more!



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