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Maintenance Matters: Tips for Caring for Your Shed Kit

A light green and light red shed in the grass of an El Paso property.

El Paso shed kits are a great investment if you need extra storage or more workspace around your home. As with any investment, it's important to protect and maintain shed kits so that you get the most life and value out of them. 

If you want to upgrade your El Paso property with a shed kit, All Precision Sheet Metal Works has you covered. Contact us online or call (915) 781-7074 to learn more.

Start With the Gutters 

When it comes to any type of living or storage building, one of the main areas of focus in terms of maintenance is the gutters. It's important to clear your gutters at least twice per year to keep them from getting clogged with dirt, leaves, and debris. When this happens, water will start washing over the gutters and flowing down the side of your metal building. More often than not, this leads to rust, which is the biggest killer of metal shed kits. 

Watch Out For Rust 

As we said before, rust is the single biggest threat to shed kits in El Paso. As such, it's essential to do weekly walkarounds on your shed and check for rust or excess moisture of any kind. It may also be worth your while to apply a protective anti-rust coating to your shed so that it's fully protected no matter what. 

Keep the Vents Clear 

Most El Paso shed kits have vents built into them to ensure proper airflow inside the shed. This can help keep your shed from overheating or from having moisture build up inside of it. It's important to check these vents periodically to ensure they aren't blocked by foliage or debris and that air is flowing adequately. 

Fix Small Dents and Scratches Right Away 

While most of the maintenance tips we'll look at are part of annual or twice-annual maintenance, watching out for dents and scratches is an ongoing thing. Small dents and scratches can quickly worsen if they aren't dealt with immediately. Therefore, it's important to check your metal shed weekly or monthly, at a minimum, for dents and scratches and repair them as soon as you spot them. 

Consider Insulation 

Another good way to prevent moisture buildup inside your shed is to insulate it. Insulation around the outside walls and ceiling will also help keep the temperature under control in your shed, which will protect whatever you have inside of it. 

Prevent Clutter From Building Up 

If you're like a vast majority of shed owners, there's a good chance yours gets cluttered and disorganized from time to time. While a cluttered shed won't necessarily hurt the outside, it could lead to injury while you're inside. Therefore, you should prevent clutter from building up, both inside your shed and around the perimeter. 

Buy Shed Kits in El Paso 

If you're looking to invest in one of the best shed kits in El Paso, look no further than All Precision Sheet Metal Works. We have some of the best metal shed kits in the Southwest and can give you a full list of maintenance tips and tricks. Call (915) 781-7074 to learn more.



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