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Sheet Metal Fabrication: From Design to Finished Product

A machine performing metal fabrication on a piece of sheet metal in El Paso.

Have you ever wondered how things like HVAC ducts, metal stairs, beams, and other metal components get their shape? Unlike wood and stone, you can't simply carve or chip away at sheet metal until it looks and functions how you need it to. Instead, it happens through a process known as sheet metal fabrication. 

If you require sheet metal fabrication services in El Paso, All Precision Sheet Metal Works is here to help. Contact us online or call (915) 781-7074 to learn more about our services.

What is Sheet Metal Fabrication? 

As the name implies, sheet metal fabrication in El Paso is the process of shaping and molding sheet metal into a specific shape. Typically, sheet metal fabrication happens because a piece of sheet metal needs to serve a certain purpose. In the case of metal beams, for instance, the fabrication process is done to shape the metal in a certain way and strengthen and reinforce it. 

The same rule applies to sheet metal ducts, conduits, C-channels, and other metal components. In the case of conduits and C-channels, sheet metal fabrication also involves incisions and cuts to hollow out certain parts of the metal. In essence, sheet metal fabrication is a comprehensive creative process of creating custom pieces of El Paso sheet metal

How Does the Sheet Metal Fabrication Process Work?

Now that you have a better idea of what sheet metal fabrication is, let's look at how the process works. Reach out to us to find out more about the specific process we use! 

The Design Stage 

During the design phase, you will sit down with your fabricator and decide exactly what you want to create. This is a crucial step in sheet metal fabrication, as it will determine what processes are needed. 

The Cutting Phase

Sheet metal in El Paso comes in flat sheets. Therefore, the first thing that sheet metal fabricators must do is cut the sheet metal to length.  

The Bending Phase 

There are a variety of machines and tools that you can use to bend sheet metal to your will. 

The Forming Process 

The forming process involves heavy bending and distortion using a variety of tools. While the forming process is similar to the bending phase, forming is slightly more intense. 

The Welding Phase 

When necessary, sheet metal fabrication includes welding to combine two or more pieces. Various types of welders and machines are used for this process depending on the type of metal you're using and what industry you're involved in.  

The Finishing Phase

When you're using sheet metal for aesthetic purposes, the finishing phase involves coating the surface of the metal with special chemicals and paints. Finishing is also used to make sheet metal exposed to the elements more durable and resistant. 

The Implementation Process

Last but not least, you must implement the sheet metal product you designed. Implementation can include using a single or multiple components, depending on your needs. 

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services in El Paso

When you need sheet metal fabrication services in El Paso, All Precision is ready to assist. We can do everything from metal forming and rolling to on-site fabrication. We work with a wide range of sheet metal materials and can design whatever you need. Call (915) 781-7074 today to learn more.



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