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The Role of Metal Fabrication in the Construction Industry

A person performing metal fabrication on a steel tube in El Paso.

Steel is an essential component for a wide range of uses. Steel has been used to turn America into the powerful, modern country that it is today, and it remains a relevant material. While steel's primary use was once building railroads and bridges, it's now primarily used in the construction industry.

To make steel as useful as possible in the construction industry, many people rely on custom metal fabrication. Through custom metal fabrication, fabricators take ordinary steel and transform it into whatever shape and style is necessary. If you are looking for custom metal fabrication in El Paso, All Precision Sheet Metal Works has you covered. Contact us online or call (915) 781-7074 today.

5 Ways That Metal Fabrication is Used in Modern Construction

Custom metal fabrication is the process of taking steel and converting it into a specific shape or mold. Oftentimes, this process includes extensive welding, cutting, bending, and much more to turn steel into a malleable, moldable material.

Major Infrastructure

As in olden times, steel remains the primary material when it comes to major infrastructure, such as skyscrapers, government buildings, medical facilities, railways, bridges, and more. Steel remains popular in these fields because of its combination of affordability, strength, flexibility, and durability.

Buildings, Homes, and Other Structures

In addition to major infrastructure, steel is also the most popular material in everyday residential and commercial construction projects. This includes businesses, apartments, malls, shopping centers, churches, and similar types of buildings.

Steel is also becoming a popular material for the trusses and beams that are used in residential homes, created by custom metal fabrication. Steel is more durable and fire-resistant than wood, which is the traditional option for these objects, making it more desirable in certain settings.

Ladders and Scaffolding

In order to build steel structures and install steel trusses and beams, construction workers need solid, reliable ladders and scaffolding systems to work off of. What better material to use to build these ladders and scaffolds than steel? As such, steel is a full-circle material because it's used in every facet of the construction phase, from beginning to end.

Heating and Cooling Systems

Steel, specifically aluminum and sheet metal, are the primary materials used in heating and cooling systems. While copper is used to build the core components of furnaces, air conditioners, and heat pumps, the metal casing and working components often consist of steel. Additionally, custom metal fabrication in El Paso is used to design air duct systems used in central air conditioning systems.

Roofs and Gutters

Finally, steel is rapidly becoming the most popular material used to build roofs and rain gutters. While traditional asphalt shingles remain the number one option, metal roofs are quickly overtaking them in the rankings because of how strong, durable, and resilient they are. The same can be said for other roofing and venting components such as flashing, drip edges, vent caps, collars, and more.

Contact All Precision For Custom Metal Fabrication in El Paso

If you need custom metal fabrication in El Paso, TX, you’ve come to the right place. In addition to our metal fabricating services, we also offer a wide range of steel and sheet metal products to meet your construction needs. Call (915) 781-7074 today.



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