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Types of Metal Fabrication

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

A professional performing metal fabrication in a warehouse in El Paso.

Metal is one of the most common elements used in the construction industry. You're bound to see metal everywhere you look, from skyscrapers and office buildings to residential homes and the workplace. One of the reasons that metal is so widely used is because of how malleable and easy it is to fabricate to serve your purposes. If you're curious and want to know more about the different forms of metal fabrication, you've come to the right place. We will look at six of the most common types of metal fabrication, how they're used, and who to turn to for your metal fabrication needs in El Paso.

If you require metal fabrication services in El Paso, All Precision Sheet Metal Works is here to help. Contact us online or call (915) 781-7074 today to learn more.

6 Different Types of Metal Fabrication

Metal Cutting

The purpose of cutting metal is to remove ingredients and components from the metal that you don't want it to contain. You can also cut metal to suit a specific need or purpose. While metal cutting is one of the simpler and more common forms of metal fabrication, it's also one of the most important. It can be a straightforward process performed by one person or a complex process involving machines, special tools, and a team of individuals.

Metal Stamping

While metal cutting is often performed on harder, tougher metals, metal stamping is typically reserved for softer metals. This includes aluminum, sheet metal, galvanized metals, and copper. Stamping is typically used when metal fabrication requires a softer, more delicate touch rather than aggressive cutting.

You can use metal stamping as a standalone metal fabrication or together with other methods. Regardless of how you use metal stamping, the goal is to convert metal from a flat sheet into a specific shape. Contact us to learn more!

Metal Casting

Metal casting is a specialized type of metal fabrication similar to the concept of making Christmas cookies. In the same way you place your cookie dough into molds to give them a certain shape, metal casting is where you melt down a block of metal until it's a liquid and place it into a mold or casting. While this form of metal fabrication is timely and expensive, metal casting is the best way to convert hard metals into a specific shape or form.

Metal Forging

As with cutting, metal forging is an ancient and time-tested form of metal fabrication. If you've ever watched a movie set in the Middle Ages where there was a blacksmith hammering heated metal with a hammer and anvil, you know what metal forging is. However, despite the fact that metal forging is as old as the metal itself, it remains one of the best and most common forms of metal fabrication in El Paso.

Metal Welding

Welding is when you take two or more separate pieces of metal and join or weld them together using heat and a filler rod. While the idea of metal welding sounds simple, it takes years of practice and learning to perfect the welding process. Welding is one of the most useful and common forms of metal fabrication, and it's utilized in many industries.

Metal Extrusion

The last type of metal fabrication we'll look at is metal extrusion. Unlike other forms of metal fabrication, extrusion isn't unique to metals. It's used in various industries and with a number of different products and materials.

Metal extrusion is when you take a block or cylindrical slab of metal and push it through a die or cast. The result is that the metal gets cut into a specific shape, and the excess metal is disposed of. Extrusion is often used with softer metals such as aluminum and sheet metal.

Who to Turn to for Your Metal Fabrication Needs

No matter what form of metal fabrication in El Paso you need, turn to the pros at All Precision. We're one of the leading metal fabricators and suppliers in El Paso and are sure to have just what you need. Contact us online or call (915) 781-7074 for a full list of products and services or to place an order.



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